Formula 1 - Theme Park

Project Description

The project consists of a theme park located in the Road of Emirates freeway, one of the most important freeways in Dubai. It offers access to entertainment facilities such as simulator rides, live demonstrations, an interactive museum, retail outlets, restaurants, and memorabilia stores, all related to Formula 1. The project is divided in four main areas: Paddock zone, Vintage zone, IP zone and Kids zone. Each of them are developed separately and consists of low rise commercial buildings.

Scope of work

The first job on this project was to clean up the design files and update the CAD and graphic standards to match our client's standards. The scope covered the IP Zone, Kids Zone and Paddock Zone. During Detail Design the team coordinated the drawing series and during the engineering revision we were in charge of coordination and cross-check to update drawings based on structural and MEP reviews.


Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates


464817 Square Meter


3 months


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