Founder & CEO, CGG

Martin Amengual


ABOUT Martin Amengual

This is the story of how I started back in 2001. I took a “sabbatical” year and went to enjoy the magic, the wind and the waves of Maui. I had the opportunity to learn about construction and to work with architects and engineers on project documentation, whilst of course enjoying the island life-style.
Once back home, I finished a project remotely for a studio in Hawaii. Before the wifi, smart phones, even before FTP was a common protocol, I was working remotely on a project, using ArchiCAD –the very early stages of BIM. And that’s how the business model was conceived. Embracing technology to solve traditional problems with new paradigms: that was the spirit then, and it is today. There will always be a way to help our clients deliver their projects faster, with higher quality and with a cost-convenient leverage. Today we are builders of the digital prototype. We think of technology as the means to an end: improving the building experience from inception to operation. We combine our BIM capabilities, our VR state-of-the-art development and our software development skills to put forth the new generation of solutions to the AEC industry.
10 years from now most of the jobs we know today won’t exist. We are prepared to welcome the future with the same spirit. It’s the adventure that keeps us moving, and as long as there are more waves -much like the days in Maui’s northshore- we will keep riding.


  • Graftons
  • RWLV - Central Plant
  • RWLV - Garage 01
  • RWLV - Garage 02 & 03
  • RWLV - Podium
  • RWLV - Tower
  • RWLV - Truck Tunnel
  • Estadio Unico San Luis