Technology Director, CST-AEC

Gabriela Cristina


ABOUT Gabriela Cristina

Gabriela has been part of CorbisStudio for over a decade. Recently, thanks to her expertise in projects, she received a promotion to Technology Director. She has represented the studio in our clients’ offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai, California and Sidney, working as an on-site coordinator, and gained broad experience in residential and hospitality projects. She was also involved in mixed-use projects, such as casinos. Gabriela is also a teacher at the UNC (National University of Córdoba). In 2010, she was honored with an Ovation Award for Profitability for her contribution to lowering project costs for our largest client, who gave her and the team an exceptional feedback score.


  • Block 21 CDs On Site Architect
  • Diplomado Arquitectura Ejecutiva
  • MOD PIZZA_Q1 2018
  • MOD PIZZA_Q2 2018
  • OZ On-Site Architect (Santiago De Francesco)
  • Target
  • Colegio Manuel Belgrano As-Built
  • Bloom Gardens-Colored FloorPlans-02
  • Lokahi Pacific
  • Maui Highlands Estates