BIM Coordinator, CST-AEC

Rodrigo Mir


ABOUT Rodrigo Mir

Rodrigo joined our studio in 2013 and immediately took part of a major BIM project in Dubai that tested his modeling and REVIT skills, which he continues to develop in his everyday work within the studio. He was also chosen to represent us as an on-site coordinator in Atlanta (GA) for six months and then once again in Denver in 2017, as development support for a variety of Hospitality projects. For the time Rodri’s been a staff member, he’s played a key role in large scale projects from Australia to Dubai and the US. His great work ethics, abilities and practical knowledge always make a difference in his team’s results, and have made Rodrigo a recipient of numerous awards within our studio for his expertise and his flexibility to face new challenges. His outstanding proficiency in REVIT makes him a leader among our content developers.


  • Fashion Outlet Los Angeles
  • Foundry Mixed Use
  • Graftons
  • Implementacion BIM GAMA S.A.
  • Interiors Detailing Resuource Library
  • Santa Clara Square - DD + CD
  • Target Stores
  • Deca-Revit Family Creation
  • Contino- General Tasks