Our Special Way of Seeing Halloween

Written by: Martin Amengual

During Halloween, many of our staff members came up with great costumes displaying amazing imagination and creativity. But I wanted to share something about why I like to celebrate Halloween.

During Halloween, we let the child inside come to work. We dress up like grown-ups every day, and that forces us to believe that taking work “seriously” means not being able to laugh. I could not disagree more!

Seeing everyone enjoying the day, having fun, doing their act, making others smile, but at the same time attending an important meeting about a serious matter like compensation strategies or meeting an important deadline for a client, made me thankful again for being part of this amazing organization.

I can only hope that we will keep this spirit alive and always give room for that child we all have inside to come to life one (or two?) days per year, to demonstrate that we can take work very seriously and still have fun and enjoy the ride.

Till we see you again!

Kevin, the minion.

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