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Bridging the gap between design
and fluid construction execution

The Challenge

The residual value of a building is little more than half the cost of its construction. Around 30% of building materials and 40% of working hours are wasted. (*)

On one end there is the traditional model where project knowledge and construction knowledge are far apart in the process. This originates discoordination in the job site, and increase in RFIs.

(*) NBS national BIM Report 2018

of building materials
are wasted in

of working hours
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Increasing certainty in cost and time.
How we make it work:

The solution is not squeezing the supply chain – that’s been tried and has not worked.

Much-needed efficiencies can be achieved through a fundamental shift in the process, where construction becomes much more like manufacturing.

We call that shift in process our Construction Digital Prototype®, a methodology designed to anticipate and solve common project issues.

less RFIs in your projects

It covers all bases

Project & BIM Management

  • Project Program/Schedule
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • BIM Strategy
  • Execution Plan


  • Modeling Strategy
  • LOD Plan
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • Fabrication BIM Models


  • BIM Documentation
  • Amplified Drawings
  • BIM Models


  • Clash Detection
  • Visual / BIM Analysis
  • VR Tour
  • BIM Room

Quantity Take-Offs

  • Quantities Management and Monitoring
  • Hard-Cost Projection
  • Bid Forms


  • Revit Plug-ins
  • Amplified Drawings with QR
  • Frank Project Center

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