Revit 2021: What you need to know

Revit 2021: the features you need to know

Posted by Corbis Team
May 26, 2020

At Corbis, we know our Revit®. As a leading BIM services company, we are always keeping up to date with the software we use. And we believe that good information is always useful if it is shared.

The 2021 version of Revit® comes with some important new features to highlight. Our BIM specialists divide the update into three main points: Collaboration and Data Exchange, Productivity and Ease of Use, and Improved Visualization.


Regarding Collaboration and Data Exchange, Inventor 2021 stands out. This function supports linking Revit® files as part of custom fab workflows, improved interoperability between Revit® and Inventor provides better support for design-to-fabrication workflows. 

But it also brings improved BIM 360 Project Navigation in Revit® Home, allowing users to locate and access cloud-hosted models more easily with a better BIM 360 account and project navigation. Users can now access the BIM 360 page for their cloud projects directly in Revit®.

To add up to Productivity, the 2021 version incorporates Slanted Walls, allowing to experiment with the angle of the wall, as well with windows and doors. Another great improvement is the PDF and image linking in the Insert tab. This allows users to keep their models light and clean.

With three types of studies (Maximize Window Views, Three Box massing and Workspace layout), Generative design has made it to this new version. Its goal is to window view optimization, massing, and layout studies directly from the design model, and explore, evaluate, and rank design options for your project from a wide range of alternative.

Regarding visualization, some improvements worth mentioning are View Filters in View, Row Stripping for Schedules, Customized Revit® Workspace and a Real-TIme Realistic View.

To see the new features more easily, here is an infographic. Remember you can contact us if you have any doubts or need to expand the information. Our BIM Specialists are always willing to help!

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