How can developers shave construction costs?

How are developers poised to make bigger profits & shave construction costs?

Posted by Brian Dyches
Aug 24, 2020

Developers and Owners today must consider an applied digital approach as carefully as they study and ensure the capital stack is finely tuned to yield maximum returns.

In the Digital Age, why are there still so many Design & Job Site issues that often become budget-busting? Where does it begin, and is there a solution to solving these costly changes and never-ending RFI's? If the Average RFI takes $500 from the bottom line---that can end up being a significant number that has no controls. 

Does the Entitlement & Approval Process frustrate you? Then why do we allow poorly devised drawings to create so many issues? Digital & project management methods can solve almost every onsite problem and save time + budget? Let's end budget creep and make our builds efficient and aligned to the digital capabilities built into today's leading software. 

No matter the project scale and type -we can help bring an enhanced way to deliver your projects from concept design to facility operation.

I'm ready, and if you'll send me a message in the button below, I'll reach out to you directly to set up a 15-min call. I'll show you how we bridge design & construction with an approach that will make the drawings work for the project, not the other way.       


Brian Dyches is Corbis Growth Director focusing in developing business in construction managementCorbis' Growth Director, Brian leads the business development strategy for the Southern California market. With over two decades of hands-on experience, Brian's systematic understanding of architecture and project management helps streamline the conceptualization and execution of client projects. 

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