Applying a QA/QC protocol for EMAAR’s Creek Harbor project

Applying a QA/QC protocol for EMAAR’s Creek Harbor project

Posted by Corbis Team
Jan 19, 2022

Dubai Creek Harbor (The Lagoons) is a high-end residential leisure destination that is drawing people from all over the world. EMAAR perfectly described it as "representing the next frontier in contemporary living."

With six-square kilometers and only a 10-minute drive away from Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Airport, it features world-class developments comprising residential units, offices, commercial spaces, and more.

EMAAR Properties Dubai is one of the largest real estate developers in the UAE and is known for various large-scale projects. In order to maintain consistency in the products that go to market, EMAAR has developed a very comprehensive design guideline that covers all bases for all consultants of all disciplines to have rigorous parameters to meet when creating their designs.

Corbis was brought on board to work with the EMAAR design team creating a protocol for quality control to ensure all projects approved for construction were in compliance with the design guidelines. The goal was to develop a consistent, repeatable, and scalable quality control process, with a standardized checklist and report for the design team to quickly understand each design performance.

The first step was to cover the Architectural and Interior Design disciplines. Next, we created a “tracker,” transforming the design guidelines into a series of checks to be performed by our team. Finally, the items are sorted by categories to easily prepare a report for the client to review.

Then, we took the engineering components and completed the tracker and the procedure to provide a more comprehensive analysis of design compliance with EMAAR standards.

The protocol was designed to match the design stages, producing a first review at Schematic Design by EMAAR Design Team, and then Corbis to perform a second review at 50% Design Development, the third review at 100% DD, and one final review once the CDs were delivered to the job site.

By pushing reviews earlier, we can avoid deviations in design and later delays in schedules, saving all consultants valuable time and effort.

In our client’s words, “The tracker is exactly what we were expecting, and the clarity of the report is what we needed to have open conversations with our consultants and to make sure all designs are meeting our design guidelines prior to hitting the ground at the job site. This will save us valuable time in our go-to-market schedule”, says Mark Farmer, head of the Design Team.

Many firms can benefit from having a written design guideline. We can help you develop yours and help you build a robust QA&QC protocol to ensure the work of all your consultants is consistent and that you have a solid product ready to go to market with confidence and up to your clients’ expectations.

Are you ready to develop your own design guidelines? Let’s talk!

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