Meet Mauricio, a global player with a unique perspective

Meet Mauricio, a global player with a unique perspective

Posted by Corbis Team
Aug 04, 2021

Mauricio is an architect with great international experience. He excels at BIM Modeling and Architectural production. Get to know him better and the projects he has been part of at Corbis.

Corbis was founded with a clear mission: to bridge design and construction, combining our passion for detail and proper documentation, the use of the best technology, and the understanding that people make the difference.

Our service has been refined throughout the years. With more than 4000 projects in the US, Europe, the Middle East region, Latin America, and Australia, our process has always been at the core of what makes us different.

Since day one, we have been working alongside Architecture Studios of all sizes, becoming a seamless extension of our client's offices.

A self-driven leadership model

Mauricio Castiblanco is our Architectural Production Service Director. He’s been with Corbis for 8-ish years. Since he joined as BIM Manager and through his career as Project Architect and now Director, he has consistently nurtured his relationships based on his deep technical roots, his ruthless commitment to quality, and his Colombian charm.

Steyn City in South Africa was one of Mauricio Castiblanco's key projects at Corbis.

Steyn City is one of Mauricio Castiblanco's key projects at Corbis.

Mauricio has lived and worked in several places: in Spain, UK, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia, and the USA, being part of projects such as Ciudad Financiera of Banco Santander, Majadahonda hospital, Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, Stein City in Johannesburg, and several Mixed-Use projects in the US West Coast.

What makes him stand out from the crowd is his drive to outperform his former self. For Mauricio, there is always something that can be done better, faster, leaner. Combined with his inexhaustible curiosity, Mauricio is an energizing leader that inspires everyone around him to walk that extra mile -with a smile.

"I have worked in over 25 different projects with Corbis, and I have always kept on learning from clients and colleagues. In addition, the wide variety of markets and various projects I worked on have given me a unique perspective to focus on solutions whenever a challenging situation arises.”

"The key to successfully plan, manage, coordinate and deliver projects is finding the most suitable way to communicate with clients and manage the expectations of the work we deliver. Making the most of technology and digital tools in favor of project efficiency has always been part of the Corbis DNA."

AMD Sunnyvale is one of the greatest Residential Projects Mauricio coordinated.

A snapshot of AMD Sunnyvale BIM model and Architectural documentation is one of Mauricio's projects at Corbis.

Filling the Coordination Void

Mauricio can’t avoid surfacing his passion for perfection and his pursuit of excellence. "There is this major 1,500,000 sq. ft. project, where our Project Delivery Approach became a fundamental part of discipline coordination, identifying critical situations. As a result, our team could successfully communicate these issues to all parties and work together to find solutions. As a result, we estimate the cost of reworks was reduced by 2.5%, and the consultants' team could present higher quality work to the developer. That's where Corbis Project and BIM Management added value lies."

The results that the clients working with us get

Our mission reads “To transform great designs into buildings with Zero RFI.” When working with Corbis, our clients can expect impartial project management, based on our commitment to quality, schedule and cost, tailored BIM Management, because we know enough to know that not all projects are the same and technology must be at service of the team and not otherwise, and effective coordination management, which means solving problems -not just pointing at problems.

We at Corbis like to say, “we love to do business with people we would have a glass of wine with.” We constantly strive to provide our clients with a flexible response, with a “we’ve got your back” attitude. We like to think we are your project’s bodyguards.



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