Corbis at the 2021 NMHC Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA

Finally, we met. And the new normal was… pretty normal.

Posted by Martin Amengual
Sep 08, 2021

This year, the National Multifamily Housing Council took place from the 8th to the 10th of June in San Diego, CA, and we attended after being away from trade shows for a while. Being part of the new normality felt... pretty normal.

It seems unreal that a whole year went by without events where we can see each other faces. So we were thrilled about the 2021 NMHC Annual Meeting! It was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our clients and meet new industry game-changers.


Corbis CEO and Chief Happiness Officer, Martin Amengual at NMHC

Corbis CEO and Chief Happiness Officer, Martin Amengual at NMHC

Stella (our Strategic Growth Advisor) and I spent three days with speed-meetings where we had the opportunity to meet numerous developers, owners, and general contractors. They were especially interested in learning how our Project and BIM Management methodology can help them coordinate design faster, reduce costly RFIs and change orders, and bring projects to the market faster.

Outside view and the Corbis brand always present.

Outside view with the Corbis brand always present.

Of course, we also enjoyed the cocktails and gatherings, which made us feel the energy of the crowd again and remember why being part of this industry is so thrilling.

I can’t wait to meet everyone again in January at the National Conference in Orlando, FL.

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