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Palmilia By the Bay

Designed by

Nardi & Associates


San Francisco, California


494,231 sq ft





Palmilia By The Bay is a fascinating development project that combines numerous pieces of land near the scenic San Francisco Bay, totaling 3.21 acres. The parcels will be subdivided into two interconnected developments known as Palmilia Project A and Palmilia Project B, with a total gross area of 494.231 sqft. The project's principal goal is to provide residential housing units as well as retail spaces on the street level, creating a vibrant and convenient living environment. Palmilia Project A consists of 178 residential units totaling 160.356 sqft of usable area. Palmilia Project B, on the other hand, has 46 dwelling units totaling 57.948 sqft of usable area. The building also contains a retail component, which takes up 19,761 square feet on levels 2 through 4. A substantial piece of this area, located on the street front, has been designated for a market, which would improve the convenience and accessibility for residents and the surrounding community. To meet the parking demands of residents and guests, the project includes two underground parking levels on levels 2 and 3, totaling 132,950 square feet.

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