Discovery West | Residential Multi-Family Project

Discovery West

Project Description

Discovery West is one of the multifamily residential project developments that we have been part of in the Seattle area. Located in Issaquah Highlands, it is an apartment community that offers all new luxury apartments and townhomes. It features gracious amenities, spacious floor plans, and its central location in an upscale neighborhood community makes it a convenient home choice in Washington State’s most populous city. The project located in totals a 336,997 sq. ft. gross floor area that is divided into 209 total units. It consists of 6 buildings (A, B & C are on the North Site / D, E, & F are on the South Site). The total building floor area is 209,715 sq. ft., the Residential area 159,008 sq. ft. and an Enclosed Parking area of 37,094 sq. ft. (totaling 337 parking spaces). The area destined for offices, amenities, and recreation is 13,613 sq. ft.

Scope of work

CorbisStudio provided modeling and documentation services during Detail Development and Construction Drawings phases using BIM Technologies (Autodesk’s Revit software) inclusive of Architecture and Interior design.


Issaquah, Washington United States


336997 Square Foot


10 months


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