Lucrecia Cocucci

BIM Management Director

Our BIM Director as of 2011, Lucrecia joined CorbisStudio in 2008. An expert at client-side relations and collaboration, she uses her interpersonal and organizational skills to create custom-tailored strategies for each client. Lucrecia offers the entirety of her insights, including her time on assignment in the US, Australia, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, and the UAE, to create advantageous plans that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Lucrecia is efficient and thoughtful, often finding creative ways to maximize clients’ ROI while also implementing and upholding BIM best practices. Her emphasis on pragmatism does not preclude inspiration; however: Lucrecia fully appreciates the importance of merging our clients’ perspectives with the studio’s creativity. She is a perfectionist and believes that recognizing details is what triggers excellent projects.