Randall Chenier

Prod. & Coordination Director

+35-year experience in Residential/Commercial Construction

Randy Chenier brings over 38 years of Residential/Commercial Construction & Development experience to the Executive Management team at CorbisStudio. Prior to joining our studio, He was the Vice President of Construction for Urban Community Builders & Multifamily Builders respectively who are both Affordable General Contractors in Southern California. Previously, Randy Chenier was the Senior Vice President of Construction & Development at Global Premier Development and built more than 40 Affordable Multifamily Projects across the State of California. His distinguished career also comprises of positions as a Project Superintendent, General Superintendent, Project Manager, and went on to become the Director of Construction at the Irvine Company. Randy’s ability to integrate operational excellence, quality control and cost management led his department to ensure ‘quality of construction’. He has a vast knowledge of Development and Construction which he takes pride in when mentoring his juniors. Holding several key Senior Positions during his career, he has brought his 35-year experience and over 20,000 units in the multifamily, commercial arena. Randy is well known for his technical expertise and value engineering but most notably for his leadership skills.