Stella Debibi

Strategic Growth Director

+20 years of experience in real estate development

Stella is Corbis' Strategic Growth Managing Director. She brings more than 20 years of experience in real estate development, finance, A&E, and strategic marketing, with a specialty in leveraging strategic partnerships and client branding in commercial real estate. Before joining our Business Development team, she held roles with George Smith Partners, a commercial real estate investment banking firm. Also, she served as a partner of her own business development and strategic marketing advisory firm, Debibi Strategic Partners. Stella is also an active philanthropist and was the first woman to hold a leadership position in the Real Estate Cabinet of the Jewish Federation (REC). She has served on the board of the City of Hope's Real Estate Division and the Young Leadership of Magbit Foundation. Additionally, she was an executive member of the Central City Association, an advocacy group in Los Angeles focused on commercial real estate. She has also supervised the launch of Moriahopoly, a fundraising event benefitting the Moriah Society, part of the American Jewish University real estate group.