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We build it before you build it

Faster and more accurate project solutions

We bring early BIM processes for coordination and live models with an unparalleled methodology. BIM is not just a "drawing", is an information model, that is enriched during the whole process, by all stakeholders, for design and construction, but also all details on mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering

In your project, it translates into increased coordination and reduction of problems during construction.

How we support your team

BIM Execution Plan

Our BIM Execution Plan defines uses for BIM, along with a detailed design of the process for executing this methodology throughout your project lifecycle.

BIM Content Libraries

BIM Objects are an integral part of the BIM process, underpinning and helping us standardize elements within the master BIM model. We provide you with an information-rich simplified 3D model used to maximize your project life cycle.

BIM Modeling and Revit

BIM allows us to create and manage information for a built asset throughout its lifecycle—from planning and design to construction and operations. We develop each model that your project needs to enable the full use of BIM technology for design coordination and construction optimization.

BIM Implementation

We integrate multi-disciplinary data to create detailed digital representations that we manage in an open cloud platform for real-time collaboration. Thus, we use BIM to provide you with greater visibility, better decision-making, more sustainable options, and cost savings on your AEC projects. There’s not a universal BIM implementation plan for every project. We create a unique curated plan for each project you develop

Download our BIM Modeling and Revit plugins

CorbisSieve®: This plugin developed by Corbis boasts the ability to navigate Revit models for data integrity of elements in the models at a macro-scale.

CorbisSniffer®: This plugin developed by Corbis quickly extracts data and performs controls using database-based processes, reducing time and increasing certainty on data quality.

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