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A community of 24-hour spaces that spans over 700 studios worldwide, placed in 4 countries. A worldwide network of DJ, production, rehearsal, podcast and dance studios is the perfect place to create, write, produce, practice and mix music with no distractions and on-site facilities such as: free parking, high- speed WiFi, vending machines, kitchen facilities and air- conditioned rooms.

About the service
Execution oversite of 2 projects of Pirates Studio in Texas, organizing the structure of the multiple discipline team types through RFI and or selection interviews. Confirmation and verification of all submittals and conduct evaluations for vetting the proper teams on client behalf (AOR, Consultants, GC, various vendors and sub-contractors as required).
Review the client's scope and drawings, initiate preliminary budgets and scheduling once the teams noted above are in place and the project process is moving forward.

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