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your future
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Welcome to the community of hands-on experts -architects, engineers and construction professionals- ready to share know-how and expertise based on real-life experience that you can actually use in your field.

Welcome to Corbis House, your house.

What you can take

A menu tailored to your needs and context.

Live Webinars


Short online sessions to cover specific topics relevant to the industry at different levels. Panel Discussions, Conferences and Masterclasses delivered to learn collaboratively and for virtual networking with experts and colleagues. A great place to stay updated.



Programs designed to ensure learning experiences that will allow you to gain knowledge, develop new skills or enhance your expertise, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest practices and techniques in your field.

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Our wide network of experts continues pushing the boundaries of project delivery. Find articles, case studies, papers, guides and more in our well-curated library of specific project-delivery matters.

What we offer

Over 20 years of experience in the project delivery industry.

  • Experts willing to listen and share, almost work with you.
  • Actionable tools designed with the ‘job at hand’ in mind.
  • Sessions to be around real-life project situations and solutions.
  • The right amount of theory -no pain, no gain- to ground your know-how.
  • Lots of collaboration to enrich your learning.
  • A reliable certification process to prove your growth.

Why join this community?

Develop the specific skills you are in need one at a time, at your pace

Maximize your time focusing on project-centric problems

Grow your reputation by becoming a certified professional in project delivery

Become an expert and connect with a global network

We keep growing with you