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Developed by

Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation

Designed by

Abode Communities


Los Angeles, California


31,528 sq ft





Corbis services

Architectural Production, BIM Services

The project entails the construction of a permanent support building for a privately-owned housing development (PSH) in Los Angeles, California. The support building will serve as a vital component of the development, providing 43 restricted affordable rental units. These units comprise 42 studios and one 2-bedroom apartment for the building manager. The support building spans approximately 33.900 sqft and consists of a maximum of 5 stories, with 4 Type IIIA stories over 1 Type IA story below. This residential development, makes a significant contribution to the industry, particularly in the field of senior living. Senior citizens have access to affordable and comfortable living places thanks to the emphasis on providing restricted affordable rental units. The support building improves the community's overall residential options by fusing cost, usability, and intelligent design. This initiative demonstrates the dedication to offering high-quality housing options and raising the standard of living for local seniors.

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