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We are builders of the Construction Digital Prototype®: a tailored methodology to enhance your projects from inception to operation.

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+15 years of experience in the AEC industry to help projects at any stage

Early planning and strong quality definitions. We manage construction projects by setting up clear goals, schedule and deliverables through proper and agreed up-front criteria.

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2. Delivering

Technical expertise and
Precise Execution

We build teams to create and manage our “Construction Digital Prototype ®, a comprehensive BIM model that incorporates design input to create drawings and move forward through the process-driven phases of a project.
We are ISO 9001:2015 certified in Management of Architectural and Engineering projects

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3. Building

Managing the
Construction process

Sitting in the table from day one, we bring a different angle and make constructibility reports, lead the project cost/budget estimate. We represent owners in every interaction with general contractors.

CorbisStudio Integrating

4. Integrating

We developed our own project management platform

We implement upfront technologies that are useful for the project’s lifecycle, implementation and maintenance plan. All our project management platform designed specially for the AEC industry integrates our services with owners, general contractors and Design studios.


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How are developers poised to make bigger profits & shave construction costs?

Aug 24, 2020

How are developers poised to make bigger profits & shave construction costs?

Developers and Owners today must consider an applied digital approach as carefully as they study and ensure the capital stack is finely tuned to yield maximum returns.

Bringing down the construction cost with the Corbis Way

Aug 11, 2020

Bringing down the construction cost with the Corbis Way

By Jeff Bymaster, Architectural and Integrated Project Delivery Service Director at Corbis.

Hospitality and BIM in the Pandemic

Jun 11, 2020

Hospitality and BIM in the Pandemic

Currently, one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic is the hospitality sector. The impact has been so significant that even large companies and industry leaders have been forced to enter survival mode with a dramatic drop in workload.