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Build Everything, Better.

We help developers and teams transform great design into
Buildings with zero RFIs. That’s the Corbis way.

Build Everything, Better.

We help developers and teams transform great design into Buildings with zero RFIs. That’s the Corbis way.

Consultative Approach

We solve issues, rather than just pointing out problems. We serve as an owner’s representative for information management and coordination. Our management approach is based on the principles of the IPD spirit, and our technical delivery strategy is based on maximizing the power of BIM technology to create a data-centric process.

People Based Service:
Team & Experience

People are at the core of the services we deliver developers and owners of commercial real estate projects. Our team is comprised of architects, engineers, construction managers and BIM experts that have managed, produced and coordinated acclaimed projects around the globe. We contribute a team to a project that are architects and engineers by profession and are construction problem solvers by trade.

We Build It Before You Build It: The BIM Catalyst

The new digital models now possible translates into increased coordination and reduction of problems during construction because of poor coordination among the development team or unreliable documentation We bring early BIM processes for coordination and live models, creating opportunities for savings that can add up to 10% - or more - on a project.

Value-Driven Process

Our team is capable of coordinating the process from the outset, implementing the BIM technology throughout the complete project lifecycle, while improving the design output and information delivered.
The Corbis Way recognizes the importance of driving value without adding extra costs to the design or building phases involved.

FACT #12

Corbis is the catalyst that helps you build efficiently and accurately at or below cost. Combining comprehensive consulting, digital prototyping and a centralized building model, we work to save you time, money, and effort.

Our Work

Juanita Avenue

Residential, United States
Cumming Group, the Construction Cost Management Rep of Barth Partners, brought in Corbis to implement BIM technology for Coordination during the design phases for faster and more accurate design delivery. The estimated savings for the client were around 4.5% of the estimated construction cost and added significant benefits for design optimization and preconstruction analysis.


Amani Apartments

Residential, United States
Amani Apartments, designed by Abode Communities, is a residential multi-family development in Los Angeles that will provide 98 homes to the senior population in South Los Angeles. We discovered significant and potential improvement gaps that could save a substantial percentage of the construction cost if addressed early in the DDs and CDs phases.


Orange Flats

Residential, United States
Working on the latest MCAP Partners' Multi-family project in Hollywood, CA, our team performed a one-round BIM Clash detection process based on Revit models created by design consultants. The models were prepared for analytical routines, ran in combination with visual inspections to detect coordination issues.


We Work with the Best

FACT #23

Our standard is THE standard. We follow PMI + Scrum based and ISO 9001:2015 certified protocols to ensure we provide a consistent service throughout the project. Our multidisciplinary team always brings technical and creative solutions to the table.

Here's the Thing

We are so much more than our results. We are engineers, architects, project managers and best of all, people. People are at the core of the services Corbis delivers developers and owners of commercial real estate projects. Corbis has been involved in bringing to life a wide range of commercial real estate developments in the U.S. and internationally, including projects in the multifamily, commercial and hospitality sectors.


The Corbis Way

The devil is in the details. With 20 years of experience and a foundation based on smart sequence and actions, areas of expertise, methods and templates, we provide true value for our clients, every step of the way.