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What we offer

Our programs have been designed with the ‘job at hand’ in mind, to ensure each activity provides an actionable tool that can be immediately used for any project.

When you join any of our activities, you can expect:

An expert willing to
listen and share

almost work with you

Sessions to be around
real-life project

situations and solutions

The right amount of
theory -no pain, no gain-

to ground your know-how

A whole lot of collaboration

there is no successful project delivery
without it

A reliable certification
process to confirm
your growth

and prove it

What you can take

A menu tailored to your needs and context

Un-paced Programs

These programs provide you with the flexibility to follow at your own pace.
The program will guide you through the contents and connect you with the experts in charge.
At the end, you will certify your learning via a thorough examination to get your certificate.

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Live Programs

These real-time programs allow you to meet your colleagues and interact with them and the experts during the sessions. Expect rich discussions and deep debate during sessions.
At the end, you will certify your learning via a thorough examination to get your certificate.

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Live Webinars

Short online webinars to cover specific topics or matters relevant to the industry at different levels, our webinars set the pace for your continuing education needs.
Also a great place for virtual networking with experts and colleagues. See previous Webinars.


Our wide network of experts continue pushing the boundaries of project delivery.
Find papers, articles, guides and more in our well-curated library of specific project-delivery matters.

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Areas of expertise

A menu tailored to your needs and context

Project Management

Combining the latest principles like IPD and Agile management with the gritty down-to-earth learnings from projects, our programs will inspire you to ‘mix and match’ the most appropriate tools for your project context. Don’t just follow one book –write you own.

BIM Management

Delivering projects is a complex technical challenge and BIM methodologies have raised the bar of what we can accomplish. Access the most sophisticated and advanced applications of BIM through the experts that will show you the best –and worst- of the BIM road.


Construction is catching up with technologies, going from the lagger of all industries to a vast range of options available in the market. Learn what works and what doesn’t –and everything in the middle- and when/how to apply them to your projects.

Documentation production

Architectural and engineering drawings are part of a complex language that must be spoken by all parties alike. Master the art so you can always deliver great projects in a superior way.

Design Coordination

With so many moving pieces, coordination has become a science on itself. If you are in the center of the storm, don’t miss out the coordination processes that have significant impact in the project delivery stages and that minimize issues during construction and save time and cut costs.

Construction Management

The construction journey is one we know well. Giving clients peace of mind in a construction project requires technical and people skills alike. Learn the basic and advanced skills required to perform during construction and maximize the value of the project for all stakeholders.

Open the doors to knowledge

A community of hands-on experts, citizens of the world

No matter how much we know, there is always something new and better that we can learn. The spirit of our community is to help each other thrive –we never know how we can help others, or when we may need the help of others.

Project Delivery challenges are very similar in all markets and projects. Tap into a network where you can find the solution –or at least the right path- to your current project needs.

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