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Delivering a luxury residential complex in Vacaville

by María Paz Debarre

January 23, 2023


Leisure Town is a luxury residential complex of approximately 111,500 sq ft, composed of 4 apartment buildings, ten townhome plexes, and a clubhouse. The project will be located on a large parcel in a residential neighborhood in Vacaville, California.

Each home will have a separate entrance, garage, and covered balconies to add value to future users.

Each building has the same architectural style, with repetitive colors and materials throughout the development. Its design seeks to adapt to its surroundings while enhancing each complex resident and neighbor's value and quality of life.

The design seeks to adapt to its surroundings while enhancing the value and quality of life

This exciting project was designed by BSB Design and is currently completing the Construction Drawings stage. BSB Design engaged Corbis in the architectural production stages to meet the project deadlines while maintaining their delivery standard. The delivery timeframe was set at three months and presented a production challenge to meet deadlines successfully. BSB Design is a firm with high-quality standards in using BIM to create and manage models and in creating clear and consistent drawings.

Corbis provided Architectural production to the project.

Corbis' team was built around the expertise needed to deliver a multi-family project like Leisure Town -Type V construction. The apartments are 3-story Garden Apartments, and the Townhomes are 3-story with 2-car garages. The combination of building technologies requires a deeper understanding of construction details. It requires a higher level of coordination, and we worked with BSB design leaders to cover all bases and deliver with confidence.

View of the residential complex where combined building technologies were used.

"We embraced the Corbis team as part of our team from inception to final delivery, making them part of the project strategy with a shared sense of purpose. They were always very responsive and committed, making it easy to work together."

Mal Montoya, BSB Design Production Director

Last but not least, the complete team worked seamlessly from day one.

The BIM strategy was designed to facilitate working together and ensuring the complete project team could access information at all times in a virtual collaboration environment, accommodating the flexible work schedule. The rigorous BSB Design BIM standards were paramount in starting the project correctly. Combined with our BIM Audit protocol, we maintained the BIM Standard throughout the complete project phases.

Thanks, BSB Design and Mal Montoya, for giving us a superb chance to support you.