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The role of collaboration in achieving common goals

by Tomas Linares

July 22, 2023


The on-site coordinator’s role becomes crucial to clearing obstacles for the client, enabling a faster exchange of ideas and improving the results of the project. Here is a summary of our experience working with EHDD.

For the past few months, I’ve been working at EHDD on behalf of the Corbis team. I was the architect assigned to carry out the on-site coordination of a project at UC Berkley.

My experience as an on-site coordinator has been very rewarding. Providing support according to the client's needs and fostering a smooth collaboration and coordination between the teams involved is essential to meet the objectives set. Our purpose is to lend a hand to the client, help them overcome any obstacles that may arise during the process, and become an extension of their team for as long as the project requires.

Upon arrival at the client's office, I started working on the structural retrofit for the renowned University of California (UC), Berkeley. Our scope included architectural production, BIM clash detection, and plan coordination review for an 8-story high-rise building located near the UC Berkeley campus.

For almost five months, I provided dedicated on-site support and worked constantly alongside the client's team led by Scott Arford, Associate EHDD, as well as the other part of our team, who worked remotely from our global network. Together, we made this incredible institutional project the best it could be.

"The Corbis team has been great to work with and Tomas has been fantastic"

Scott Arford, Associate EHDD.

I felt extremely comfortable working with the EHDD team. They not only trusted me, but also delegated important tasks, such as attending meetings with other consultants to address production-related queries, preparing tailored presentations, or solving technical issues that might arise. I believe that I was able to relieve the weight on their shoulders, improving the efficiency of the deliverables and establishing a smooth flow for the project.

Working alongside the EHDD team not only improved the project outcomes in terms of time and communication but also strengthened ties with its team. Building relationships is something we always encourage in our daily work.

In fact, even though I initially came to the office to participate in a specific project, during my stay, I was able to assist the client in other ones that the firm was carrying out.

Working alongside EHDD has been very rewarding. I was able to bring a part of our work culture, share it, and enrich it with the client's culture.

We are proud to boost the exchange and keep building relationships

The close connection between our teams not only streamlined the onboarding process for the project but also boosted confidence, enabled flexibility and autonomy, and ensured project delivery.

Enhanced production timelines translate into increased productivity for our clients. Whenever EHDD needed to solve a problem related to Revit or any coordination issues, I was ready to help and become their right-hand.

Furthermore, the tasks and activities went beyond the mere fulfillment of job responsibilities. The cultural exchange became one of the most rewarding aspects of this experience. I was able to bring a part of our work culture, share it, and enrich it with the client's culture. I believe that this type of exchange fosters positive working relationships, leading to a stronger bond and a mutual understanding and appreciation for each other's backgrounds.

ClientEHDD Architecture
PeriodNov 2022 - April 2023
LocationSan Francisco, CA
ProjectUC Berkeley