Corbis: Program Management for Retail

Program management for retail

With over 20 years in the business, we bring a carefully orchestrated process to help you build the most efficient process for design and delivery, and ensure it is consistently repeated in every project of your program.



We help you manage your multi-site program from early planning to close-out, executing your branded concepts focusing on quality, coordination and time-to-market.

  • Programing and Scheduling
  • Cost Management
  • Design Management



We build your design and delivery team and work together to implement BIM Technology for a faster process, more accurate deliverables, and higher predictability in every project.

  • Program Delivery & BIM Standards
  • Test Fit
  • Reality Capture
  • Design Delivery
  • Design Coordination



With technology coping every aspect of every business, your company needs to upgrade every system to be part of the new era, and you need a reliable and agnostic partner to take you there.

  • Design and Construction Process Review
  • BIG Data Architecture
  • Platform Implementation

Case Studies

We can help you upgrade your Design and Construction to the next level. Unlock success stories.

Our people are your most valuable asset. Meet the technical team that will shorten your road to market.

Diego Amadeo

Director of Program Management

With over 25 years of experience and a track record as a Program Manager delivering turn-key stores for global retail and quick-service restaurant brands, Diego joined Corbis in 2022 as Director of Program Management. Diego is responsible for understanding our clients' needs and devising a strategy that meets the schedule and budget constraints and delivers the branded concepts in each location. Articulating our vast network of resources, Diego and his team will find the solution and path forward for you.

Tamar Bashian

Program Manager

Tamar brings 10+ years of experience in renovations and fit-out projects, with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of construction in fast-pace jobs. Her skills in multi-party coordination and scheduling are paramount for shortening time to market.

Florencia Romanutti

Branded Architecture Project Architect

Florencia has 17+ years of experience working on projects of different sizes and complexities. Her vast experience in roll-out programs and her track record delivering projects with BIM technology are crucial to building a scalable and repeatable process to meet tight delivery schedules with consistency in every detail.

Martin Jean Charles

Software Engineering Specialist

When it comes to designing and managing an extensive amount of information, Martin is responsible for devising the data architecture and designing the process to store, process, and report information based on specific client needs.

Diego Amadeo

Estimating Specialist

Diego runs the business with a unique eye and attention to budget control. He specializes in cost estimating, bringing to the table a thorough view of construction and a deep understanding of how to ponderate and qualify vendors and subcontractors to provide timely and accurate estimates at all project stages.

Lucrecia Cocucci

Head of BIM

Lucrecia has been at the forefront of BIM development since the beginning, having had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from small residences to 650-bed hospitals and airports. An architect by trade, she understands BIM Technology at all levels, from simple modeling to automating complex features to enhance efficiency and quality assurance.

Mariela Mercado

Software Product Owner

Mariela leads our product development for any piece of software that we need to create or when we have to interconnect different software to provide our clients with a seamless and fluid solution for data management and digital transformation.

We have worked in over 2,000 stores domestically and internationally. We are not afraid of jet lag.

We have nurtured relationships with great consultants. This vast network is now at your service, when and where you need it.

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Stella Debibi

Managing Director - Strategic Growth