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Project Management Service

The predictability you need to make informed decisions

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Our seasoned Project Managers will provide their undivided attention to every detail of your project, giving you the predictability you need and the data you deserve to make informed decisions

How we support your team


The foundation of a successful roll out program is a complete plan based on the goals defined on your project. Our service includes detailed and adaptable routing schedules. Planning continues throughout the program, to accommodate changes.

Budgeting and Scheduling

From the initial financial plan to the evaluation of this budget consistently throughout your project, we help you keep track of expenses and forecast financial changes. We know to watch the overall spending to keep the budget on track, to stay on the lookout for unplanned expenses to communicate with the team.

Supply Chain Coordination

From the account manager to the installation teams, you know proactive communication is the best way to ensure that any individual store location issues are addressed and resolved. We provide clear communication channels throughout the whole project to alleviate any confusion and deliver your program on time.

Document Control

When all important information is organized, you can be sure that your project is complete, on time, and successful. We help you to deliver documentation, from store surveys to final approval forms, as we know is a great way to show completion and in store compliance.

Process consistency control

Well-executed processes, based on previous experience, ensure a successful outcome. Although every fixture roll out has its unique challenges, our skillful team can call on a well-developed process for every stage of your program.

Risk Management

We provide you with the big picture of your project to identify potential hurdles and plan to handle them with established processes and good communication. Hence, your professional team will be able to resolve issues that arise, easier and faster.

Building the right team

Your team’s reputation for successful projects and ability to deliver from the very beginning is important to deliver a seamless experience through all phases of the fixture roll out program, which may include design, build, ship, and installation, or a subset of those. We help you to build a well-connected team, able to anticipate and resolve challenges that arise, whether the program is a single store roll-out or a large global roll out.


We make the reports to keep you aware not only of a successful result in a well-executed and consistent look in every store, on the schedule you planned, but also of progress, deviation or potential impacts in the schedule or budget in your project. It is also important to make you enjoy and feel part of the process.

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