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Seattle, Washington


2,500 sq ft





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Architectural Production, Services for Brands

This pizza restaurant chain based in Seattle, Washington was found in 2008 and has more than 500 stores in the US and Canada. The decor and layout of MOD restaurants have been described as family-friendly, with the interior of each location unique and locally inspired.

Based on a go-to-market program provided by the brand, we worked closely with the lead architect to deliver consistent set of drawings to meet the program deadlines. The strategy was to create a set of templates and guidelines and build a core team. Then, we prepared a specific training program for our staff to be able to join efforts when having work peaks, without losing consistency in the delivery. This program delivered 209 stores in 3 years. The typical set includes 30 drawings and takes average 2 weeks to produce, within a complete store-cycle of approximately 2.5 months.

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