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Sobrato Broadway Plaza

Designed by

Studio T-SQ, Inc


Redwood City, California


1,494,000 sq ft





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Architectural Production, BIM Services

The Redwood City, California, mixed-use development project includes residential, office, and commercial/retail uses spread across two sites: Broadway Site and Bay Road Site. The project's goal is to create a vibrant and interconnected environment for inhabitants and companies. The affordable housing units are housed in a separate structure, while the market-rate residential component is divided into two buildings. The ground floors of these buildings include commercial/retail spaces and daycare facilities, which bring convenience and amenities to the neighborhood. The building stands at 5 stories, providing accessible and affordable housing options. The market-rate residential buildings are 6 stories tall, offering a range of housing options for resident The design prioritizes utility, aesthetics, and sustainability to create an appealing and harmonious living and working environment with a gross floor space of 1.494.000 sqft.

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