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Don't trust just any team.
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We transform your schematic design into a well-coordinated set of Construction Drawings,
working as an extension of your office.

The construction journey is one we know well

With over 20 years in business, we have perfected our methodology to seamlessly collaborate with design teams, bringing your project design and vision to life in every detail. Leveraging the power of BIM, we will deliver your models and drawings, matching your standards as if the work was done in-house.



From early Schematic Design, our team of savvy architects is ready to help you streamline your delivery and take your design intent through the construction drawings finish line in a timely fashion.

  • SD Support
  • DD&CD Delivery
  • On-Site Architects



We build a delivery team and work together to implement BIM Technology for a faster process to spot coordination issues earlier and solve them faster, delivering a more accurate set of drawings.

  • BIM Clash and Report
  • Plan Coordination Review
  • Modeling of all disciplines

BIM Services

BIM Services

With technology coping every aspect of the architectural business, we can help you upgrade every component of your delivery engine to stay on top of the wave.

  • Reality Capture and BIM Modeling
  • Revit Implementation
  • Templates and Families

Featured Projects

We have an extensive track record of delivering projects in different sectors and regions.

Our people are your most valuable asset. Meet the team that will deliver your design vision.

Delfina Casado

Director of Architectural Production

Delfina brings a comprehensive vision to project delivery earned in 10+ years working on senior housing, multifamily, commercial, and hospitality projects domestically and internationally. Her holistic view of all disciplines working together and her understanding of how buildings are built give her a unique perspective that surfaces in every project she manages. Delfina is responsible for assembling every team to cover every project's needs whilst remaining very sensitive to your standards and ensuring we deliver as if the project was done in-house by your A-team.

Nerina Bellencin

Program Manager

Nerina brings 10+ years of experience in remodeling and ground-up projects, with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of construction. Her interpersonal skills, combined with her deep technical understanding of buildings and construction, are paramount for shortening delivery time and improving the quality of the outcome.

Luis Neuman

Design Coordination Specialist

With a construction background and deep experience working on the job site -where time is of the essence- Luis brings a new paradigm on how coordination needs to be resolved. His understanding of the job site dynamic is paramount to improving the quality of our construction drawings for the complete project lifecycle.

Florencia Retamal

BIM Manager

Since joining Corbis in 2018, Florencia has consistently stood out for her curiosity. Her strong desire to explore beyond and expand boundaries has earned her a special place in the BIM force, being the go-to person for essential daily duties and rare and complex problems. She brings together technology and creativity to find a solution that works.

Mauricio Castiblanco

Head of Architectural Project Delivery

Having worked on projects in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Australia, Mauricio's unique view of how projects are put together is an essential "must" in every project team. Mauricio supervises every technical aspect of all projects. His approach is to work closely with the project architect to ensure the vision is clear and the design intent is safeguarded throughout the entire process.

Marcelo Cariddi

Estimating and Cost Specialist

With extensive experience in the GC world, Marcelo brings 20+ years of experience as a quantity surveyor, cost estimator, and job site superintendent to every detail we craft for your project. His architectural background steers the sense of design over the pragmatic resolution of details that work, making art and budget meet in every decision.

Lucrecia Cocucci

Head of BIM

Lucrecia has been at the forefront of BIM development since the beginning, having had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from small residences to 650-bed hospitals and airports. An architect by trade, she understands BIM Technology at all levels, from simple modeling to automating complex features to enhance efficiency and quality assurance.

We have worked with 450+ architectural firms, domestically and internationally.
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Stella Debibi

Managing Director - Strategic Growth