CorbisStudio | 5 Residential Architecture projects enhanced by BIM modeling

5 Residential Architecture projects enhanced by BIM modeling

Jan 17, 2019

Residential Architecture is one of the many sectors that we have long term expertise, participating in projects of many sizes and in many countries all around the world. Here are 5 residential architecture projects on which our BIM modeling approach boosted the construction process making it simpler for the architects, engineers and general contractors working on it.

To carry out residential projects all around the world is always a challenge that we are happily willing to take. These projects require precise work to comply with the idea of project owners, general contractors and, most importantly, the final customer. At the end of the day, they are the ones that will inhabit the new place and make it their home.

Next are 5 residential cases where our BIM services approach enhanced the construction process. BIM modeling provides a smoother and simpler workflow in the construction of houses, home extensions, apartments, condominiums, and high-rise living.


Parkside City Center in Aurora, Colorado, US.

Parkside City Center is one of our latest projects. We are working with OZ Architecture in the project delivery of this residential project. It consists of a single building with garage parking and associated site improvements. Additionally, It has a 5-story parking structure providing all the required parking for the mixed-use building. Including additional parking, it counts with approximately 300 parking spaces.

This multi-family building consists of 216 units, ranging in size from studio to 3-bedroom. It will be built in wood framing, wood roof trusses, 1st level concrete slab, and 2nd level plywood sheathing with gypsum concrete floor underlayment topping.

The challenge our architects and engineers had to face was the documentation and modeling of the architectural shell and core.

As our delivery strategy, we put together a remote team in charge of Architecture as well as Interior Design. We also placed a BIM coordinator working at our client’s office. From there, we provided coordination and assistance for the BIM project.


Parkside City Center is one of our latest BIM architecture projects in Colorado, US working with OZ Architecture


Pear Ave - South Building in Mountain View, California, US.

The Pear Ave project was one of our latest experiences in Mountain View, CA. We worked with Studio T Square in the first half of 2018. It consisted of a 5 story residential South Building of the Pear Ave. And it includes 220 units with 20 different types of units.

Our team had the responsibility of delivering the Schematic Design Package for the residential portion of Pear Ave. Project. We created a REVIT model for the Residential Building named "South".

The BIM strategy called for a BIM modeling approach centered on the Schematic Design stage. A LOD 200 BIM model was implemented.


The Pear Ave residential project in Mountain View, CA was a great challenge for us partnering with Studio T Square


Woodinville Creek Village in Woodinville, Washington, US

The Woodinville Creek Village project is a mixed-use residential development that consisted of 7 buildings. The prototypical units to be developed were architecture shell & core layout only.

CorbisStudio assisted GGLO Design in the Design Development and Construction Documentation stages for the project. Our teams produced 2D drawings and REVIT Models (using Revit 2016) to produce the geometry and documentation.

We also supported GGLO with the documentation for the architectural drawings, including annotating, dimensions, tagging, sheet view setups, and schedule generation.

At Design Development, Revit generated technical drawings were provided describing the design intent in more specific detail than Schematic Design. We coordinated with the consultant team, technical consultants and third-party designers to assure the design intent was maintained. Our team prepared a Detail LOD 300 in order to model the design elements.

In the CD stage, we completed the Construction Documents based on the approved Detailed Design Development documents. This stage set forth in detail the requirements for construction of the project.

The Construction Documents included drawings and specifications establishing in detail the quality levels of materials and systems required for the project.


Woodinville Creek Village in Woodinville, WA was a nice experience we added to our Residential Architecture expertise.


8th and Blanchard in Seattle, Washington, US

2202 8th Avenue, Seattle, Washington is a project of a new 40 floor (400 foot tall) residential tower consisting of approx. 435 units. The project also counts with 1 level of retail mixed-use space and the balance of the tower as residential. It features a 7 below grade parking levels.

CorbisStudio supported Graphite Design in the Design Development and Construction Drawings stages with Architecture Shell & Core BIM Models. There were approximately 79 sheets for DDs and approximately 130 sheets for CDs for the project.

For the architectural shell & core, our BIM strategy included the production of BIM models. They were based on the Schematic Design CAD drawings to set up base models and progress from DD to CD stages.

Our team was in charge of the documentation for architectural drawings, including annotating, dimensions, tagging, sheet view setups, schedule, and generation.

During documentation, we provided a base team responsible for updating the model red marks on the drawings. This project in Seattle is currently under construction.


8th and Blanchard was another Residential Architecture experience in the state of Washington, this time in Seattle. We provided BIM support during this project delivery.


Blvd Heights Residential in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

BLVD Heights is a residential project that celebrates a stylish life, work and thriving residential choice in Downtown Dubai. Described as ‘The Centre of Now’, it consists of 2 towers with twin residential tower usage.

CorbisStudio’s scope of work covered all items necessary to complete the related works for a Virtual Model and Coordination for the Towers. We supported the architecture and design firm Perkins+Will.

Our team covered the production of a model at the Schematic Design stage to the end of the Detailed Design Development stage.

Our BIM Model complied with the industry standards and the information available. Thorugh, a detailed clash detection, the model was free of clashes for the tolerances set in the BEP. Our 3D model specified building systems and disciplines as coordinated with the Perkins+Will team. It was at LOD 300 of level detail.

This is another project that we participated in that is currently under construction in Dubai.


Boulevard Heights Residential was one of our many projects in the Middle East area. We partnered with Perkins+Will

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