Bridging design and construction: the Orange Flats case

Bridging design and construction: the Orange Flats case

Posted by Corbis
Sep 08, 2021

A generous 'al fresco' living experience for Multi-family with reasonable living space and cost? No problem. We've got you covered.

Orange Flats features 24 premium one and two-bedroom residences off of the Santa Monica & La Brea intersection.

The development draws inspiration from an 'al fresco' connection to personal exterior space and outdoor lifestyle concept and thus will feature a generous amount of terracing outdoor space per unit angled 15 degrees to the West of the Boulevard, as well as a landscaped rooftop deck.

The project design was developed by the architecture firm Office Untitled and the project is developed by MCAP Partners, a privately-held real estate investment and development firm headquartered in Hollywood, CA.

MCAP specializes in identifying and acquiring undervalued properties in key high barrier to entry locations as well as assets with strong repositioning potential in gateway markets. Leveraging a vertically integrated, operationally focused approach to project development, MCAP has consistently executed creative strategies across diverse asset classes.

Construction Management was led by the renowned Turner & Townsend, experts at managing the many moving parts of capital projects and complex programs all over the world.

Uniting efforts with both MCAP and T&T stakeholders allowed identifying and solving conflicts in anticipation. This way, construction stayed on budget, and the number of RFIs was significantly reduced in this stage.

What we found

When our work started, we quickly found out that the stakeholders of the Orange Flats project were using different processes and systems to develop the project as a unit.

That's when our carefully orchestrated process to spot coordination problems earlier and solve them faster started to kick in. After a full audit of received documentation (BIM models in .rvt format), we produced a heat map analysis of all the significant areas that potentially will delay this project, causing further delays, higher costs, and team discourse when building.


A render image of Orange Flats in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Orange Flats in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

We combined a Frank Project Management methodology with the Construction Digital Prototype®. Both of them make up the Corbis Way and the ultimate value we deliver.

What we did

Our team of engineers and construction managers reviewed the BIM models and drawings and identified the areas where clashes were more likely to happen. We then focus our energy on fixing the critical areas, so they do not become a real problem when the construction phase starts. We followed a strategic approach, The Corbis Way, comprised of Frank Project Management, streamlined workflow, and of course, zero RFIs.

Our streamlined and efficient approach allows us to represent all sizes of Real Estate development companies in a project, and get the job done, the first time around.

MEP BIM model of Orange Flats.

MEP BIM model of Orange Flats.

How did we do?

Simply put, the Corbis Way works to deliver beyond the project developer's expectations. We brought value and savings for the client based on the first round of findings. The Corbis Way bridges design and construction seamlessly.

The savings for the client based on the first round findings were estimated as: 

  • 270 critical level issues with 3% influence of ECC (*).
  • 550 non-critical level issues with 6% of ECC (*)

(*) Estimated cost of construction.

A worldwide study of one million RFIs on 1,300 major construction projects, issued by the Navigant Construction Forum, found the following: it takes 9.7 median days for RFI response. And the average total costs per RFI review & response go up to $1,010. On top of that, 21.9% of RFIs get no response at all. This is what developers and project owners avoid using Corbis' services.

The client experience

We provide a memorable experience for those who choose us to develop their projects with our methodology. We are client-centric and always learn from the experience we deliver to every project.

And at the same time, we believe in Frank Project Management. We are not afraid of raising our hands and pointing out issues before they become real problems.

All of this is encompassed by our philosophy of enjoying work and becoming a partner that is fun to do business with.

We were happy to see this goal fulfilled in the words of MCAP's President, Acquisitions and Development, Alex Massachi: "It was great working with the Corbis team. They were always ready to solve our questions and answer our requests. The value they added with their BIM expertise and coordination skills were critical to the project's construction site".

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