Meet Belen, a quiet-minded PM for any storm

Meet Belen, a quiet-minded PM for any storm

Posted by Corbis Team
Nov 18, 2021

Belen Rodriguez Dip is a Project Manager at Corbis and has been a key member since 2009. She leads teams in residential, commercial, and institutional projects. .

She and is highly regarded by clients and colleagues for her interpersonal skills, dynamic personality, and management capabilities. This ideal combination ensures all project goals are properly met.

As a Revit expert, Belen played a vital role in BIM Implementation Programs with Corbis’ major clients in the US and Australia. One of the biggest features in her career at the company are rollout programs, which she considers is are projects that “are always challenging year after year”. But those challenges are what keep her and her teams growing a finding ways to make work more efficient.

Working with rollout programs implies following a defiant schedule and workloads. After years of experience leading these programs for different clients we have seen an augmented scope that increased not only the number of stores assigned to our teams but also the complexity of the tasks we have to carry out.”

To be successful in projects as such takes a lot of Project Management skills and Belén is no stranger to that. She started as an architect back in her first years at Corbis, but soon found herself following the PM path.

The opportunity to follow the PM path presented to me in an unexpected way. But I started to believe that this was the way form me when I found myself widely enjoying my work.”

For Belén three things make a great PM: “Planning, Anticipation, and Empathy. It is always a matter of making sure that every member of the team always has a clear and constant opportunity to grow by doing the work they deliver.” This contrasts with what she considers to be a PM killer: “Procrastination and not trusting your team are two things that won’t take a PM a long way”.

The relationship with the client is another crucial aspect that Belén always proves to be a reliable asset for every project. This is evident in her top priorities when interacting with them:

I put the focus in the client needs and recognizing the actual problem they need to solve when they choose us to deliver work. Anticipation and clear communications are key. We are available whenever an issue arises and we take care of their project as if it were ours. That’s why we are not afraid to raise our hand and point out issues in order to tackle them down before they become real and bigger problems.”

And going hand in hand with that philosophy, her picture for a project's success is exceeding the client's expectations. But also keeps her attention on her team as a measure of accomplishment: "If at the end of a project, every team member had overcome a new challenge or achieved professional growth by learning something new, it is an indisputable success to me."

At the beginning of the story, Belén claimed that Rollout Programs are challenging. But as with all the projects she led in our company, she considers that “the best project is the project that challenges you”.

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