Visiting Cushing Terrell Architect’s Regional HQ at Boise

Visiting Cushing Terrell Architect’s Regional HQ at Boise, ID

Posted by Brian Dyches
Sep 08, 2021

Boise, Idaho, is one of America's cities that have been feeling the boom of the COVID relocation era facing most of the USA. This city of a metropolitan area of nearly 750,000 is seeing growth in all sectors as its quality of life and a front-row seat to the great Western outdoors is highly attractive.

Bridging across all asset classes, the region is seeing a boom in office, hospitality, education, government, and mixed-use. Corbis SGA Brian Dyches of San Diego recently made the trip to visit with client Cushing Terrell's regional headquarters to present to various practice areas the advantages of our collaboration on BIM and Architectural Production Delivery of drawings. The group shared the needs facing them and how they could see collaborating with Corbis would solve across several fronts- from staffing levels to taking advantage of our two decades of experience with BIM & Revit as a world-class production partner.


Cushing Terrell and Corbis collaboration.

Cushing Terrell and Corbis collaboration.


We also met with the Retail Team on work underway with a major US BigBox retailer.

Corbis assembled a team of leaders to address questions and help instill the firm's service edict regardless of project type or size. Brian was also able to go check out Albertson's two flagships locations in Boise, where the regional headquarters is also located.  He also visited with the Whole Foods Market to survey and document the location for future analysis as we are in talks to bring BIM Management disciplines to this iconic brand.

Outside Boise is a heavy-growth suburb of Meridian that will be the future home of Center Cal's newest Multifamily project called The Bridges adjacent to the beautiful mixed-use development called The Village at Meridian. This over 600,000 square foot multifamily building will see Corbis support the Carrier Johnson team in San Diego as this project kicks off in Fall '21.


Cushing Terrell's office in Boise.

Cushing Terrell's office in Boise.


It was a busy couple of days, but one thing of final note really drove home just how interesting this region has become. It's home to the largest Basque population outside of Spain. In fact all grocery stores have a dedicated aisle to the various foods, spices, and cookware to bring authentic recipes home. There is also a tiny district in downtown Boise consisting of a museum, cultural center, restaurants, and a market. He even tried and loved the famous Picon Punch and suggests that you add this to your must-try list on a hot summer night wherever you are.

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