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RVU Student Housing

Designed by

OZ Architecture


Ivins, Utah


29,784 sq ft





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Architectural Production

Rocky Vista University, a health sciences university with campuses in Parker, Colorado, and Ivins, Utah, is behind the RVU Student Housing project in Utah. This project is focused on providing student accommodation for students. The proposal consists of three Type V buildings, each of which has three stories. The design employs a repeating unit stacking strategy to maximize space and provide a coherent residential environment. The major goal of the project is to provide Rocky Vista University students with comfortable and convenient living spaces, thereby facilitating their academic journey and developing a feeling of community. This project enhances the overall campus environment and promotes Rocky Vista University's instructional objective. The buildings' design and layout prioritize functionality, producing an environment suitable to study, leisure, and social interaction. The project provides appropriate room for residential purposes with a gross floor area of 29,784 sqft.

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