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Santa Clara Square

Developed by

Irvine Company

Designed by

Studio T-SQ, Inc


Santa Clara, California


854,207 sq ft





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Architectural Production

Santa Clara Square, developed by the Irvine Company, is a prominent project spanning 90 acres in Santa Clara, California, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. The project encompasses a diverse mix of commercial office buildings (COB), retail spaces, and residential apartments. The project, with a total floor area of 1.7 million square feet, provides extensive commercial office space for a variety of firms and organizations. The retail component adds 16.000 sqft of space, creating a lively shopping and dining destination for both visitors and residents. Santa Clara Square also has 1.800 apartments. This residential component strives to provide a live-work-play environment that meets the needs of the community while also encouraging a feeling of community engagement.

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