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The present of buildings is digital,
and we want to make it a revolution.

Martín Amengual
CEO and Chief Happiness Officer

Our own management platform

Frank Collaboration™ supports all daily activities providing a comprehensive picture of reality. It gives all parties a common space to have a clear real-time picture of the project, to track time and expenses, and to ensure that work is well done at the right time.

Developed especially for the AEC community

We manage project phases, send contractual deliverables, keep an eye on the project numbers in the same platform to coordinate work between the Owner, Developers, Project Managers, Contractors, Design Architects, and Operators.

It’s all integrated
in a
single place

We integrate all disciplines and actors in a single environment that makes critical information accessible for everyone to develop the project in a seamless way.

Always in touch, expeditive communication

You’ll get daily interaction, weekly follow-ups, and monthly status reports so we’re all on the same page, at all times.

How we make Construction Productivity rise

In more than 15 years working in the AEC industry we have noticed that the old approach is getting… old.
See how we reinvent construction by stepping in to occupy a crucial spot in the process that has been left behind.

Find out how

On every project, you can expect:

CorbisStudio Predictable Forecasting

Predictable forecasting

Project-based proposals with a clearly defined scope, deliverables, team responsibilities, and fees; giving you an extra layer of cost control and management.

CorbisStudio Tailored team

A tailored team

Built around your project needs with the best-suited professionals for the job, out of our experienced, multidisciplinary team.

ISO 9001:2015 certified

ISO 9001:2015

We follow PMI + Scrum based, ISO 9001:2015 certified protocols to ensure we provide consistent service throughout the life of the project.

Our experience

Since 2002, we’ve refined a methodology to combine talent and technology to produce successful projects.


Company establishes itself in Argentina and a representative office in California, USA.


Our USA residential and Caribbean hospitality projects grow with onsite and offsite teams. The first team of CorbisStudio architects is sent to work on-site in Las Vegas. Business expands into engineering.


First project in Revit: UCI Engineering Building, Irvine, California.


First team of CorbisStudio architects sent to work on-site in Dubai.


International growth and diversification: 49% annual average growth rate 2004-2008. 40% of projects outside USA. We reach a total number of 170 professionals. 50 on-site architects in the USA.


Portfolio expands with major healthcare projects: Al Ain (UAE) and Reutlingen (Germany). CorbisStudio architects and engineers begin to work in Germany.


First team of CorbisStudio architects in Australia and Brazil. Portfolio expands to airports. Corbis Foundation becomes the engine of community activities, including Canstraction® USA in Argentina.


CorbisStudio grows into new services, including Revit Families for MF and software design and development.


BIM Project Delivery expertise sees strong growth on Australian land, securing 3 major projects in Melbourne and Perth.


BIM Management and Strategy expertise sees strong growth on global stage. 90% of current work is Revit-based project delivery.


Our cloud-based project management platform, Frank, is launched to market. It enables managers and employees to better correspond and keep track of projects.


CorbisStudio consolidates the pool of services mixing architecture, engineering, software and visualization expertise to develop new tools. Projects in US start to recover. We opened a new office in Buenos Aires and expanded our presence in the US covering West coast from Seattle to San Diego.


Portfolio expands to Roll-Out and Stadiums. The integrated AE service expands to General Contractors and Developers seeking to use BIM Technology to reduce waste and improve coordination, using our Construction Digital Prototype® principle.


We are helping our clients incorporate technology to every process of Project Delivery, helping gain efficiencies and cost-effectiveness by combining our expertise and solutions tailored to each Project need.