The Grove at Shoal Creek | Residential

The Grove At Shoal Creek

Project Description

The Grove At Shoal Creek is residential, multi-family development located in Austin, TX. The project is a dynamic mixed-use community just minutes from the heart of downtown. A perfect place to live, work and play. This project is thought of as an urban community of gathering places that complement the setting with upscale homes, parks, shops, restaurants, and office spaces. The residential units available at The Grove have different types, which are condos, townhomes, and single-family. There’s a great space destined to Office (180,939 sq. ft.) and Retail (140,000 sq. ft.) expanding the opportunities for both residents and visitors. The outdoor life is also a key component of this development with a signature park providing a space for residents to connect with nature, including up to 2 miles of hiking and biking trails.

Scope of work

In this project, we provided architectural production and project delivery support services. The team was made up of residential specialized architects and project managers. Our scope of work for this project included the development of Construction Drawings in AutoCAD drawings for 7 buildings that are part of The Grove at Shoal Creek. The base drawings were at different stages (DD/CD) with all requiring focus on applying the exterior styles and checking the files to apply the components associated with that style. The project was fully completed in AutoCAD 2017 for each of the 7 buildings assigned to CorbisStudio.


Austin, Texas United States


33409 Square Foot


5 months


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