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Laser Scanning Service

The accuracy you desire to maximize your project

Good data means better decisions

Our scanning and scan-to-BIM team can quickly and effectively solve the most complex of data collection challenges when it comes to as-built conditions. Be it that you need it for a building renovation or to implement a facility management BIM tool, our team of experts will find the most suitable solution with the speed and accuracy you need.

How we support your team

Field measurements

Our laser scanners enable you to view the point cloud and associated pictures using a Web browser. You can take exact measurements and exchange ideas in the real context of your project site.

Reducing interferences and improving the accuracy of the existing connections

With a precise set of drawings we provide you thorough the scanning, you can see how the building is constructed in reality. MEP/FP plans often prove incredibly useful to see critical building systems and other useful information for your project, including the existing electrical and HVAC components.

Creating accurate as-built drawings

You can view the point cloud as a CAD or BIM background in place of architectural drawings. This enables you to design your detailed shop drawings with accurate context of the space. Not only is the point cloud a better method, but it also provides you realistic information compared to other measurements

Animated walkthroughs

We provide you with the complete existing facility scanned that allows you to offer a realistic walk-through of the property for every stakeholder involved in your project, from design consultants to specific contractors that need to verify field conditions before giving you their recommendations.

Site layout and modeling

Our laser scanners allow you to work with the real existing conditions from the start. Hence, we contribute to the success of your project delivery throughout the construction phase.

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