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A first-hand experience with SB Architects

by Nerina Bellencin

August 19, 2023


In the dynamic architecture field, collaboration is crucial. Our mission extends beyond providing architectural production; it's about seamlessly integrating into the core of each project, safeguarding the client's vision, and committing to delivery.

Teaming up with SB Architects is always an empowering experience. Join us to discover Nerina's insights about her on-site coordination at their office.

“Being part of a nurturing design environment like SB Architects has been an enriching experience that truly feeds my professional growth.”– Nerina Bellencin – Project Architect & On-site coordinator.

The ace in the hole for project delivery

The on-site coordination is much more than working alongside the client. It lets us immerse ourselves in the soul of the project to gain a deep knowledge of its complexity, streamlining better team communication and more thorough and strategic management. We can detect the team's strengths and, at the same time, collaborate on the tasks where they are most needed.

I was working at the SB Architects office for more than two months. We knew these 515,000 square feet (about half the area of Chicago's Millennium Park) project in which we worked for the client required more than conventional project delivery services. It presented several challenges due to its mix of residential needs, luxury amenities, and mixed-used typology.

Our goal with the renowned studio for this high-scale project was to foster seamless coordination between the teams by immersing ourselves in their work culture, facilitating communication needs, ensuring effective design instructions transfer, and promptly responding to requests. This way, we could improve collaboration and strengthen future project efforts.

We aim to foster seamless team coordination by immersing ourselves in the client's work culture.

We were able to maximize coordination results by combining the client's vision with our passion for delivery.

Likewise, we accomplished working hand in hand with our client. While SB Architect could focus on the general demands of the client and the project, our team could anticipate complex scenarios and stay ahead of schedule to:

  • Reduce RFI.
  • Mitigate the risk of delays.
  • Improve deliverables to prevent problems during construction.
Working for SB Architects is something I have not only enjoyed but, on behalf of Corbis, I am proud of.

Being part of an inspiring design environment like SB Architects has been an enriching experience that genuinely added value to my professional growth. In that sense, working for this client is something I have not only enjoyed but am proud of on behalf of Corbis. Together, we turn vision into reality, demonstrating the power of collaboration.