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McDonald's stores get a BIM-powered makeover 

by Victoria Bazán

September 18, 2023


In a competitive market, brands must stay at the forefront of innovation and customer experience. McDonald's, one of the most recognized franchises worldwide, is no exception.

Our team has established itself as an essential strategic partner, leading the transformation to the new global Restaurant 2.0 guidelines for seven locations, enhancing its presence in the Caribbean region. Check out how we delivered branded architecture and lead consulting for MEP+ structure and coordination for this client.

Seven remodeling restaurants throughout Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were the focus of the collaborative initiative that lasted two months. This multi-site program involved redesigning areas to provide clients with a new, enticing look in each single-story steel frame building. Our services for Arcos Dorados, the largest McDonald’s franchisee in the world, operating 2,200+ restaurants in 20 markets across Latin America and the Caribbean, included branded architecture with the design of interior layouts applying approved décor packages and the adjustment of equipment footprint to the latest standards, improving the overall operation of the restaurants. Each restaurant accommodates 30 to 60 customers and covers 4,000 square feet.

Before and after a renovated store

The challenges of branded architecture

Working on a program with projects of this nature presents its own set of particularities. Standardizing designs and coordinating across multiple locations becomes crucial. We coordinated design and construction operations at each venue, maintaining the highest standards while ensuring brand identity and consistency across all stores.
Also, to be aligned with McDonald’s specific requirements, our team received formal brand certification training dictated by Hamburger University. These certifications provided a deep insight into the world of its interior design guidelines and layouts.

How BIM technology and expertise have boosted outcomes

We provided McDonald’s with a proactive approach to design, powered by BIM implementation which, combined with Corbis, proved processes led to a successful project delivery. Arcos Dorados especially appreciated our willingness to propose design decisions and our commitment to quality and quick turnaround. Understanding their needs was also shown by the ability to combine McDonald's international standards with Puerto Rico's distinctive market requirements. For example, unlike in other countries, people usually sit two at a table in these locations, making communal tables less applicable in their layouts.

“Arcos Dorados was very pleased with the efficiency and production times achieved through the mastery of digital technologies and a solid work process.”

Victoria Bazan, Project Manager.
As-Built and Renovation BIM Model.

With over 20 years of experience understanding the client's needs, our team can bring together strong expertise in Quick Service Restaurant programs and a comprehensive approach to delivering solutions for brands. Perfecting Project Delivery is in our DNA, and because of that premise, we were able to speed up the design and construction process, minimizing delivery times while maintaining excellent standards, owing to the fusion of cutting-edge design tools and BIM technology.

From navigating the requirements of multi-site programs to adopting BIM for streamlined design, the McDonald's remodel program exemplifies the synergy between architectural expertise, technological innovation, and client collaboration.

CategoryQuick Service Restaurant (QSR)
ClientArcos Dorados
LocationPuerto Rico & USVI
Size4,000 SF (ave/store)
Corbis servicesBranded Architecture
Duration3 months
Type of storeRemodeling