Urban renewal in LA: Insights from the 8th Annual Architects Panel | Corbis news

As a sponsor of the 8th Annual Architects Panel, we were delighted to participate in conversations about urban revitalization and the future of our cities. The event brought together renowned architects and industry experts who shared unique insights into the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in shaping cityscapes.

We had a great time with Dana Smith, Leslie Young, Scott De Lello, and Angela Debibi.

Diving into opportunities and challenges in LA

Led by Kelly Farrell of Gensler, the panel delved deep into the complexities of urban revitalization in the area, addressing pressing issues such as homelessness, affordable housing, and the restoration of neglected architectural landmarks. The presenters, including major players like Andy Lantz, Co-CEO at RIOS, Jenna Knudsen, Managing Principal at CO Architects, Scott Baker, founding principal at RELM, and Olin McKenzie, Design Partner at SOM, provided thought-provoking perspectives on negotiating the complex maze of bureaucratic hurdles and political agendas that often hinder progress in revitalization efforts.

"Having the right champions of the revitalization effort in place will make all the difference." Ken Bernhard, Business Development Managing Director at Corbis.
Participants engaged in lively discussions on innovative design ideas and sustainable practices.

Collaborative approach for a better tomorrow

One of the event's highlights was the collaborative brainstorming sessions, where participants engaged in lively discussions on innovative design ideas and sustainable practices. It was inspiring to witness the collective resolve to revitalize and restore urban areas of Los Angeles for a better tomorrow, underscored by the presence of roundtable hosts from leading organizations such as AECOM, Cumming Group, Grimshaw Architects, S+A Architecture and Hathway Dinwiddie, Bergmeyer, Gensler, Mithum, and Rottet Studio.

SOM's Design Partner and RELM’S President gave their point of view on the main topic.

As a sponsor, we had the opportunity to showcase our commitment to urban revitalization and forge meaningful connections within the industry. The event provided a great ground for networking and collaboration, laying the foundation for future partnerships to drive positive change in our cities.

This time, we shared the sponsorship with renowned firms.

Thank you to the Los Angeles Headquarters Association team for promoting these inspiring environments essential to creating a more dynamic, sustainable, and inclusive future.

"To Corbis, this was not only a successful networking event but also an important local event to attend for community building and participation." - Ken Bernhard.

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