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People, Process, Platform

Our repeatable and scalable formula for success, that safeguards your budget and reduces headaches of RFIs and change orders allowing you to focus on what matters most.

People, Process, Platform

Because it is not enough to handle a project at the top. Our process safeguards your budget and reduces the headaches of RFIs and change orders allowing you to focus on what matters.


Our people add value as an advisor to developers and owners, as well as general contractors. We propose viable solutions and bring decades of professional architecture and engineering experience to the table. The key role Corbis plays is as a construction or BIM manager that serves as an owner’s representative who writes the standards for the project team to follow.


We manage your design so conflicts can be caught and resolved before the development construction drawings are produced. The realistic building digital prototypes Corbis creates using this BIM construction technology pinpoints exactly where trouble spots will occur and reveals those gaps. The result? Increased efficiency of the IPDM and collaborative processes that enrich the project overall.


Our centralized building information model, or BIM, is a strategy and execution plan that serves as a project catalyst that is fundamentally changing the roles of those on the development team. Corbis uses best practices to assemble information ensuring a new filtered methodology that is applied with advanced construction technologies rather than obsolete 2D or AutoCAD plans.

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Corbis works with the entire team – owner, developer, architect, engineers and even the general contractors – walking them through all issues to make sure they are duly resolved and documented. That works to reduce or eliminate complications a contractor will eventually face when building the project.

Build it Before you Build

New functionality has emerged that wasn’t possible in previous generations of construction technology, including significant advances in cloud capabilities. Because of this, Corbis creates your build in real time, solves problems beforehand and consults on every front so you have the full advantage before starting a project.


The Benefits of Corbis

Custom Coded Management
Platform for all Stakeholders

We provide a comprehensive picture of reality. It gives all parties a common space to have a clear understanding, tracking time, expenses and common goals between groups.

Developed especially for
the AEC community

We manage project phases, send deliverables, keep an eye on the project numbers in the same platform to coordinate work between every stakeholder in the project.

Everything organized in
one single place

We integrate all disciplines and participants in a single cloud-based environment. That results in better virtual collaboration because information is easily accessible to everyone on the team and they can seamlessly and efficiently move a project forward.

Your Valued Advisor

By including a consultant like Corbis at the beginning of a project allows the developer and owner to increase the efficiency of the IPDM and collaborative processes that enrich the project following BIM implementation. Let us show you how.


The Corbis Way

The devil is in the details. With over 20 years of experience and a foundation based on smart sequence and actions, areas of expertise, methods and templates, we provide true value for our clients, every step of the way.