Vulcan Lakefront Projects | Mixed Use Project

Vulcan Lakefront Projects

Project Description

The project, along Valley Street by Lake Union Park, calls for a total of around 787,000 square feet of office space and 370 apartments. On the middle block, Block 31, which is between Boren and Terry avenues north, Vulcan is planning a six-story office structure, and another six-story structure with an eight-story, 80-apartment tower above. The office space will total 309,000 square feet, and there will be some street-level retail. There will be open space, including a through-block pedestrian connection, which will connect Terry and Boren in the middle of the block. This street is partly a park, where pedestrians and bicyclists have priority over motorists. To the east, between Boren and Fairview avenues north, is where a 13-story building is planned (Block 25 West). The lower six stories of office will be topped by seven floors of apartments. A second office building to the east in the same block will be six stories tall (Block 25 East). Together this block will have 332,000 square feet of office and 70 apartments. The westernmost block (Block 37), between Westlake and Terry avenues north, will have a 16-story apartment building with 220 units and a six-story, 146,000-square-foot office building.

Scope of work

CorbisStudio Scope of Work: Architectural Building Shell and Core along with Interior Design for Common Area (main lobby, elevator lobby, corridor and washrooms).


Seattle, Washington United States


1194000 Square Foot


12 months


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