Pocito Social Life | Mixed Use

Pocito Social Life

Project Description

We are working together with Grupo Proaco in this 1,500,000 sq. ft. mixed-use project. It is located in the fastest-growing urban area, combines 3 residential towers, a mall, parking, and coworking space. Pocito Social Life will imply an investment of US$ 200 million.

Scope of work

We are implementing our full Construction Digital Prototype scope for this project. Starting with the Project Management pillar, we developed the Project Quality Manual as well as the Responsibility Matrix to make sure every consultant knows exactly their part on the project, which avoids gray spots. Then, we move on to the BIM modeling and documentation for the job site. In all of the project phases, there is always the assistance of our Construction Manager that brings the expertise of actually knowing how buildings are built in the job site to wipe out the interferences and errors that always happen way too late.


Cordoba, Cordoba Argentina




26 months


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