Agustin Barrios | Project Architect

Agustin Barrios

Project Architect

Project Architect creating solutions to coordinate resources

Agustin’s consistency and dedication have earned him significant esteem within our studio. A local Project Architect for more than three years, his usual work includes reviewing projects for quality assurance and control, overseeing time expenditure vs. projected project hours, and creating solutions to coordinate resources with Managing Directors, among others tasks. A whiz with professional software, he is proficient at Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe: Photoshop, Adobe: Illustrator, SketchUp, 3ds Max, among other programs. Agustin also focuses on being a bridge between his team and the clients overseas. As a PA, he’s constantly thriving to strengthen communications between both parties, as well as guarantee the efficiency of the process and coordinate potential variations with the PM preparing the case for that scenario. Knowledge of modern applications is crucial for effective project workflows, but so is clear and aware communication. Agustin always makes the point to strengthen collaboration and understanding between teams, other studios, and the clients themselves as well as predict and prepare for any possible variations within each project. One to value inspiration, Agustin’s quality work is yet more proof that art can be found in things both small and large.