Brian Dyches

Growth Director

Creating, developing and leading Business and Sales

CorbisStudio's Growth Director, Brian leads the business development strategy for our Southern California market. With over two decades of hands-on experience, Brian's systematic understanding of architecture and project management helps streamline the conceptualization and execution of client projects. His multifaceted knowledge of how construction efficiently unfolds influences each project, increasing efficiency and sense of direction. His interpersonal skills are great for clients, whatever their phase of project conceptualization. For clients already set on a solution, he finds the most efficient and productive avenue for realizing their project. His overarching experience and belief in collaboration, meanwhile, also makes him ideal for clients still in the process of envisioning a productive solution; Brian has a well-earned reputation for making the most of inspiration and location while remaining cost-efficient, imperative when working on demanding projects or those, otherwise, with extraordinary circumstances.