Candela Silberman

Brand Graphics Designer

Creating and Developing the Company Brand Graphics

Currently holding the position of Brand Graphics at our studio, Candela joined in September 2018. Her keen eye for detail, sense of aesthetics, and concern with brand continuity make her ideal for the job. A team player, Candela freely offers input on both the graphics of CorbisStudio's brand and projects on an as-needed basis. A large part of collaboration is keeping people informed. More substantially, such efforts to keep everyone informed must be memorable, and Candela excels at it. For a long time, research has indicated that multimedia presentations are more productive, and preferred, for disseminating most types of updates. Well aware of this, Candela adds detail and style to presentations, videos, and other multimedia techniques for updating clients and project teams. One with an innate respect for architecture and structures, Candela has had a fondness for Playmobil figures since childhood.