Gabriela Cristina

Project Architect

Successful Residential and Resort Deliveries

Gabriela joined the studio in 2005 as a junior architect. She quickly showed her technical and leadership skills and climbed the management ladder. Through the years, she joined teams in numerous projects in many different sectors, always approaching each job with technical rigor and willing to learn the particular venues of each niche. She had the opportunity to work in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, California, Dubai, and Australia, where she learned cultural and technical differences around the globe. With a sound understanding of architecture and coordination, she has successfully delivered projects in the residential, hospitality, casino/resort, healthcare, commercial and mixed-use sectors. As Technology Director, she coordinates the technical matters of every project and leads the career development program for our project architects, focusing on quality, attention to detail and coordination, ensuring consistent delivery and client satisfaction. With a master's in Structural Design and Reinforced Concrete Sizing, she teaches at the University as part of her calling and passion for project delivery.