Jeremias Marcos Vago Vidal


Experienced Architect working in Airport and Corporate

A senior Architect at CorbisStudio, Jeremias' buoyant personality and ability to work under pressure are only second to his analytical and problem-solving skills. His incredible precision smooths workflow coordination and eases collaboration, both essential for completing the large-scale projects he regularly contributes towards. Thoughtful and aware, Jeremias always emphasizes open and direct communication with clients to facilitate the best possible solution for them. Among other projects, he has worked on the corporate, airport, and healthcare facilities in the US, Australia, and Latin America. Client-oriented, Jeremias believes that open and direct communication is vital for both rapport with clients and the successful delivery of projects. His incorporation of clients' tastes, preferences, and needs encourages teamwork and collaboration between all parties, leading to innovative results that surpass expectations. Between deadlines, Jeremias enjoys going out with friends and playing soccer.