Marcelo Picone

Project Architect

Practical and detail-oriented Project Architect

With a keen eye for detail and a dependable personality, Marcelo Picone is one of the Project Architects that helps us exceed our clients’ expectations and achieve results that make our company proud. Since he first got on board in 2007, Marcelo has represented us around the world several times, merging with project teams in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. He always emphasizes the client's goals and perspectives. Marcelo's attentiveness has consistently exceeded client expectations across the world, whether working on-site or coordinating work from our offices. His extensive expertise ranges from residential to hospitality and airport projects, all the while handling every situation with a client-oriented approach. Marcelo received CorbisStudio's Ovation Awards in recognition for surpassing productivity goals on one of our airport projects, and for his contributions to developing the best practices for the studio.